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broken down?

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please stay safe with these helpful breakdown tips..

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carriageways & motorways

1. park as far to the left as possible in order to ensure maximum distance between your vehicle and the moving traffic. it is recommended that you point your wheels towards the grass verge in the event of your car rolling. you should then activate your hazard warning lights so that your vehicle becomes more visible to others.​


2. wear a reflective jacket if possible. it is then vital that you get all vehicle occupants to exit through the left door so that they do not exit into the path of passing traffic.


3. contact your breakdown provider, informing them of your location... that's us!

quieter roads

1. activate your hazard warning lights and put on a reflective jacket (if possible). put your sidelights on in dark, foggy or wet conditions so that other road users have a better chance of seeing your vehicle.

2. get passengers safely away from the vehicle when the road is clear if you feel there is a possibility of your car being hit by other road users.

3. put up a warning triangle about 50 yards behind your vehicle on the same side of the road so other motorists have time to prepare.

4. contact your breakdown provider, informing them of your location... that's us!

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give us a call if you have any of the following issues:

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engine failure

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flat tyre

flat battery

out of fuel

minor accident

electrical faults

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immobiliser faults