frequently asked questions

Q: why do you need so much information to provide a transport quote?

A: we need this to provide a great service whilst staying 100% legal. for example, we require the registration of the vehicle if known to ensure we are below our legal payload limit whilst having an opportunity to prepare should the vehicle need extra equipment (ie low access ramps).

Q: what is your legal payload limit?

A: we can currently transport/recover vehicles weighing up to 1.6t although this will increase as our fleet expands. we also have weighbridge printouts that can be provided upon request.

did you know?

almost 70% of commercial vehicles weighed by vosa are found to be overweight, with many more having other defects.

in these instances the authorities have the power to issue a prohibition notice or even seize the overweight vehicle - along with any loaded vehicles.


furthermore, any insurance policy is void if the commercial vehicle is found to be overweight.

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Q: what if i need a vehicle moving that weighs over 1.6t?

A: unfortunately, we currently wouldn't be able to accommodate a vehicle over 1.6t, however, we can recommend one of our trusted local partners.

Q: what level of insurance cover do you have?

A: we have a motor trade policy that covers us comprehensively for any road risk. in addition to this we have goods in transit cover of £50,000 and public liability cover of £4,000,000. proof of this can be provided upon request.